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V Symbol - Certificate for vegan products

Start changing the world for the better with us today.
Get your certificate for vegan products.

vegan products:

Start changing the world for the better with us today.

The V Symbol is the symbol of the Viva Foundation, which marks vegan products, i.e. products that:

The most important features of the V Symbol

High recognition by the target group

High innovation

For the manufacturer - 1.5 cm2 on the label

For vegans - shopping several times easier and faster

Low cost and simple procedure

Procedure for obtaining a certificate

The Viva Foundation issues certificates for individual products. We do not certify brands or entire companies. Products submitted for verification are assessed on the basis of the composition of the products. The certified product consists of the following elements: trade name (as on the packaging on a store shelf) + product composition (for food and other products) or INCI composition (for cosmetics) + entity placing the product on the market. You receive a certificate for such a product.

Who is behind it?

We conduct charity and educational activities in the field of care and assistance to homeless, abandoned and cruelly treated animals. We promote information on vegan lifestyle and nutrition. Every day we react in cases of animal abuse, conduct cases in courts against animal abusers, train state institutions, lobby, create laws that respect animal rights, conduct campaigns and information campaigns promoting the ethical treatment of animals.


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