Znak V

Why is V Sign ?

The V mark is a guarantee of detailed product checks by such professionals as: nutrition technologists, chemists, nutritionists, pharmacists, cosmetics producers and, of course, extremely inquisitive vegans ­čÖé

The most important features of the V Sign

High recognition by the target group

High innovation

For the manufacturer - 1.5 cm2 on the label

For vegans - shopping several times easier and faster

Low cost and simple procedure

For vegans

For vegans, the V Mark is the Foundation's seal, which gives them the certainty that they have a product in their hands that complies with their values, ideas and principles.

For Producers

For producers, creators and product creators, the V Mark is a symbol thanks to which they can show that their products are not made at the expense of suffering or exploitation of animals.

The V Sign is a practical signpost for vegans - it shows products worth our attention on a store shelf

The V Sign is a very good distinguishing feature for non-obvious vegan products, i.e. those that have always been used as animal products, e.g. yoghurts, cheese, mayonnaise ...

The V Sign is the full credibility of the product that has been checked by professionals (professionals and vegans themselves) and the manufacturer's confidence that it does not mislead consumers and correctly labels its products

Shops, wholesalers and buyers, when introducing vegan products to their offer, often require a document confirming this fact, because often the manufacturer's statement is not reliable enough

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Simple and easy procedure for obtaining a certificate

The V mark is a recommendation of the most famous Viva Foundation, which has been defending animal rights for many years

Start changing the world for the better with us today.

We invite all manufacturers, distributors and service providers to mark their products with the "V" Sign, which allows consumers to quickly recognize a product that meets their expectations on the store shelf, without the need for a detailed analysis of the composition of the product.


Take advantage of our expert knowledge.