Znak V

Products marked with the V Sign do not contain palm oil

The Foundation certifies products that do not contain palm oil and its derivatives - this ban applies to all food, industrial, etc. products.

In the case of cosmetics, we strongly encourage companies to eliminate this ingredient from their products, however, it is not yet possible to completely eliminate it from cosmetic products due to the fact that there is nothing to replace it on the market. This product drove other oils out of the market so much. It is estimated that more than half of cosmetic products contain palm oil

By marking vegan products, we agree that during the transition period, these products contain palm oil coming only from certified palm oil cultivation.

The RSPO (The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certificate is a palm oil certification system that promotes the use of palm oil from plantations that have not contributed to the destruction of natural ecosystems, in particular the extinction of rare and endangered species of animals and plants, and not have a negative impact on the population in the area who can retain their traditional rights and are provided with appropriate working conditions (e.g. appropriate remuneration).

It is estimated that 20% of cosmetic companies use RSPO-certified palm oil.

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We invite all manufacturers, distributors and service providers to mark their products with the "V" Sign, which allows consumers to quickly recognize a product that meets their expectations on the store shelf, without the need for a detailed analysis of the composition of the product.


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