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About the Viva Foundation.

Viva! Foundation fights to improve the fate of animals.
Always and everywhere.

For over 20 years, at the Viva Foundation, we have been fighting to improve the fate of animals. We run charity and educational activities in the field of care and assistance to animals homeless, abandoned,  cruelly treated.  We promote information on vegan lifestyle and nutrition.Every day we respond to cases of animal abuse, conduct cases in courts against animal abusers, train state institutions, lobby, create laws that respect animal rights, run campaigns and information campaigns promoting ethical treatment of animals, e.g.  Stay veg, Viva health, Tomorrow will be fur, White lies,  Save me horses, Bloody Christmas and many others ..., we encourage you to adopt animals from shelters, we run our own shelter in Korabiewice, we treat homeless animals and look for good homes for them, we condemn inhumane and unethical practices of companies and private persons, we express ourselves on the radio, in the press and on television, we publish our own magazine  Vege.We are part of an international organization. Viva! is based in Bristol, UK.


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